Flirting in Mexico: How to Tell If Mexican Girl Likes You

Mexican girls love to show their affection and if they like you, they will do their best to get your attention. They will flirt unobtrusively and touch you very gently and passionately, talk to you softly, smile, giggle a lot and enjoy your company. One way or another, your girlfriend should confess to you about her true feelings. Such a golden rule for dating a Mexican girl.

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If you like hot Mexican chick and want to make a deal, be aware that most Mexican girls don’t like one-night stands (due to their culture’s strong Catholic religious influence). But if you can show them that you are serious about your relationship with them, they will probably give in! This is another critical moment for Mexican girls dating.

Still, be careful if you are a foreigner and decide to learn how to make dating Mexican girl proper. Many Mexican girls are very poor and see a foreigner as a one-way ticket. Women who have no way of getting to the United States on their own, make such a deal arranging to come. Often irresistible Mexican woman looks with bulging eyes at every attractive foreigner she meets.

How to Tell If a Mexican Girl Likes You?

Direct Conversations

You can’t conclude that Mexican beautiful women like you just because they wave at you. What’s more, by asking these women about your coffee preferences, you won’t be able to tell how they feel about you. But if your conversation was on a personal level with beautiful women from Mexico, then things might be usual for you.

💡Interesting to know:

A Mexican woman who likes you will direct the conversation about things she doesn’t want to discuss with others. She would be interested to know about the highlights of your life, your greatest achievements, failures that made you better, and so on. However, if gorgeous Mexican women can only nod and smile during your conversation without engaging in it, don’t look forward to a bright future!

Mexican Girl

Body Language

Body language doesn’t lie when you’re talking to girls from Mexico. It always tells you how someone looks at you – romantically or platonically. If you really want to know who you are to a Mexican lady, evaluate her body language when you are together. It is important to be aware of the double standards of society.

“A girl in Mexico doesn’t want to be called sexy and nothing more. Mexican ladies avoid being called a whore”.

Eye Contact

This is an elementary act of courtesy and a way to show respect with whom you are talking. The way a Mexican girlfriend looks into her eyes can help you notice the difference. When you look at each other, she likes you, especially if she participates in your conversation. She kept her eyes on you and that’s her way of saying she likes you. But if the woman isn’t actually participating in the conversation, then she’s just doing it out of courtesy.

How Do You Greet a Mexican Woman?

Learn Some Useful Spanish Phrases

Learn a few words and phrases in Spanish. This is an important sign of respect and courtesy towards the locals, especially the fair sex. Whatever country you are in, these rules are universal.

💡Interesting to know:

If you don’t understand anything that is being said to you, don’t turn away and say “Hο abla espanol”, just smile! This will be considered polite to your new girlfriend.


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Mexican Woman

Tips for Seducing a Local Lady

You Need to Act Immediately

To flirt with a Mexican woman, do not think too much, do not doubt or be afraid. After all, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Your Hispanic woman will say: “Sorry, I don’t meet strangers”? Or get nasty? In the first case, you can continue the game, and in the second, make sure she’s arrogant!


Women from Mexico like unusual seductive men. They are especially pleased with those men who know how to make them smile or even laugh. The main thing is to do it carefully without vulgarity and banality. The most important rule when flirting with hot Mexican girls is to be embarrassed. Stay yourself. Statistics say that 4 out of 10 girls are ready to give their number at the first meeting. Damn it! Among them, there are many Hispanic beauties! Who knows, maybe fortune will smile on you too!


You can never regret affectionate and pleasant words for women, especially from Mexico! Hearing compliments, girls release hormones of happiness and pleasure. This immediately makes them more affectionate and responsive. It’s worth a try if you’re going on a date with a hot Mexican bride!


A man needs to take the initiative to woo a woman. He should prove himself as a knight. However, this approach will impress any Mexican lady.

Own Position

It is important for a man not to bend under the emotions, tantrums or denials of a woman. Some sexologists say that Mexican women often subconsciously arrange some kind of check. They want to know if a strong and self-sufficient man is nearby. But you don’t have to agree with a Mexican woman on everything. Maybe she is waiting for a man to offer an alternative.

mexican lady

Gradual Steps to the Fullest Intimacy With Mexicans

Secret Code

You need to come up with a personal secret code. Say to your partner: “When I stroke your neck, I think about our sex.” This must be done several times during a week so that your woman has a clear association of touching a certain place with making love.

Excitation Spectrum

Find out what excites your potential life partner: kiss, caress, stroke…but in no case bring it to orgasm! If it is currently at the limit, then slow down letting it cool down. Still, don’t get to sex! Continue this approach for a few days. Each time, interrupting at the most interesting place, you stir up sexual desire both yours and your passion.

Let It Sex!

Finally, you can make love! Get together and tune in that your Mexican woman will be ready to tear you to pieces as you have tormented her for so long. Look her straight in the eyes and feel your common energy holding her tight. Then, be ready to take a deep breath and surrender to the feelings without restraining yourself. It is quite possible to seduce the woman you like in these steps. Attention and submissive care will help you win the heart of a Hispanic beauty. Those who already have a Latina soul mate may take this course of seduction to add spark to a relationship.

Some Seducing Tips From Escort Professional Heartbreaker

A heartthrob named Madison James who works as an escort has dated a hundred or more Hispanic girls. Lovelace managed to reveal the secrets of seducing a woman with the help of which you can gain confidence in the bedroom. Madison works in escort and earns about £1,800 per night. A man also gives lessons to his colleagues from this field in order to teach them to perform their duties more effectively. If you follow each step offered by James correctly, then any Mexican beauty will be at your feet!


Meet your tired girlfriend from work and give her a hug to make her feel close and warm. Ask her how the working day went. If she was tired, then go of her arms without permission. Look straight into her eyes so she can see how much you missed her to inspire confidence.


Dine by candlelight and quietly spend the rest of the day watching a movie together. Massage the brushes of her tender hands tenderly stroking the tanned and smooth skin asking if your babe likes it.

300 Kisses

Kiss your sweet girl 300 times wherever she wishes. Start with innocent touches and move on to strong and passionate kisses. Yet the number of kisses exceeds, she may ask to kiss her in the most unexpected places.

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Is It Possible to Buy Mexican Mail Order Wives?

Theoretically, you can not "buy" but order a mail-order bride from Mexico. Such a Latino woman is a pleasant find not only for intimate but family life. This is the standard of female beauty and attractiveness. Many Asian and European girls sometimes even envy these unique beauties!

Why Do Foreign Men Want to Marry Mexican Women?

It is not uncommon for Western men to marry Mexican women. These are quite loyal, passionate, and good ladies with whom it will never be boring. Wives from Mexico often become exemplary mothers and good conversationalists.

What Is Marriage Like in Mexico?

Marriage ceremonies and services in Mexico follow the Roman Catholic tradition. Some couples may prefer a civil ceremony. It is interesting to know that it is easier for older men to find family partners than for older women. The reasons for their loneliness are not as thoroughly investigated by society.